SBIR Phase 0 Award

Airhounds has been awarded an SBIR Phase 0 grant by Alaska’s Small Business Development Center’s TREND program. This grant will allow us to develop an SBIR (Small Business Innovation and Research) Phase 1 proposal. After discussions with Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other National Institutes of Health (NIH) staff, we are targeting the NIHContinue reading “SBIR Phase 0 Award”

Limited Offer: Discount on Aranet4 Sensors & Early App Access

Interested in understanding the air quality around you and how it influences risk of catching airborne diseases? Airhounds is running a limited time offer that can help you acquire a CO2 sensor as well as get you early access to our app. Register below to purchase an Aranet4 CO2 sensor at 20% off from Amazon’s currentContinue reading “Limited Offer: Discount on Aranet4 Sensors & Early App Access”

Apple’s App Store Says “Nope”

Even though my cofounder Max and I did not feel ready, our gBETA Accelerator director Linda Janes and entrepreneur-in-residence Mark Lambert pushed us to get a “Minimum Viable Product” of our mobile app published. So we (well, Max really) pulled out the stops and crafted a stoplight-style app that communicates via BlueTooth with the rock-solidContinue reading “Apple’s App Store Says “Nope””