SBIR Phase 0 Award

Airhounds has been awarded an SBIR Phase 0 grant by Alaska’s Small Business Development Center’s TREND program. This grant will allow us to develop an SBIR (Small Business Innovation and Research) Phase 1 proposal. After discussions with Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other National Institutes of Health (NIH) staff, we are targeting the NIHContinue reading “SBIR Phase 0 Award”

Airhounds Airborne Disease Estimator app now available for IOS

We are happy to announce that our Airborne Disease Estimator app is now available on the Apple App Store. The app connects via Bluetooth to a readily available Aranet4 CO2 monitor to measure ambient CO2, and then applies an algorithm derived from a University of Colorado Boulder model, to estimate your risk of infection byContinue reading “Airhounds Airborne Disease Estimator app now available for IOS”

Apple’s App Store Says “Nope”

Even though my cofounder Max and I did not feel ready, our gBETA Accelerator director Linda Janes and entrepreneur-in-residence Mark Lambert pushed us to get a “Minimum Viable Product” of our mobile app published. So we (well, Max really) pulled out the stops and crafted a stoplight-style app that communicates via BlueTooth with the rock-solidContinue reading “Apple’s App Store Says “Nope””