Airhounds Airborne Disease Estimator app now available for IOS

We are happy to announce that our Airborne Disease Estimator app is now available on the Apple App Store. The app connects via Bluetooth to a readily available Aranet4 CO2 monitor to measure ambient CO2, and then applies an algorithm derived from a University of Colorado Boulder model, to estimate your risk of infection by airborne disease in real time.

Point your phone at this!

The application calculates your risk of infection by airborne diseases like the common cold, chickenpox, mumps, measles, and the flu. It allows you to manually input parameters for other diseases such as COVID-19. Our next major update will allow the app to download up-to-date infectivity parameters for all active airborne diseases. (And I’ll work on getting those published so you can see them.)

Airborne Disease Estimator for IOS

Release Description:

Understand how probability of catching airborne diseases like the common cold fluctuates with CO2, physical activity, time, and more. The Airhounds Airborne Disease Estimator uses CO2 measurements and an airborne disease transmission model developed by Zhe Peng and Jose Jimenez from the University of Colorado, Boulder to estimate the probability of infection of a susceptible individual for a given airborne disease via airborne transmission. The estimator works like a calculator. You can choose which settings to adjust, and see how it impacts probability of infection!


  • Airborne disease infection probability calculator
  • Estimate infection probability for catching airborne diseases like the common cold or the flu
  • Bluetooth functionality for connecting to Aranet 4 CO2 sensors to experiment with CO2 levels in real time
  • Tweakable settings for adjusting the calculated probability: event duration, physical activity levels, masking, and more

Important Disclaimer:

The calculated probability is not a medical diagnosis, it is purely illustrative to show how airborne disease infection estimates vary with differing parameters.

The model employed only shows the probability of airborne transmission, and does not calculate probability for other routes of transmission (e.g., fomite, direct).

Furthermore, this app is not made for integrating with medical-grade CO2 sensors, and CO2 measurements should not be assumed to have medical-grade accuracy.

Always seek out a doctor for a professional opinion or diagnosis.

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