Limited Offer: Discount on Aranet4 Sensors & Early App Access

Interested in understanding the air quality around you and how it influences risk of catching airborne diseases? Airhounds is running a limited time offer that can help you acquire a CO2 sensor as well as get you early access to our app.

Register below to purchase an Aranet4 CO2 sensor at 20% off from Amazon’s current listing ($250 as of 5/11). That’s $200 for a CO2 sensor vs $250. The Aranet4 is a high quality CO2 sensor with a crisp E Ink display and Bluetooth capabilities:

The E Ink display ensures a long battery life; depending on the frequency at which you set the sensor to take measurements, two alkaline AA batteries can power the sensor for more than 4 years. And with Bluetooth capabilities, the sensor can be connected to our mobile app, allowing you to see how infection risk varies with indoor air quality:

Want to take advantage of this offer? Sign up using the registration form below! We’re only extending this offer to the first 10 US residents who register by 5/31!

Registration form:

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