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COVID-19 transmission

Airborne diseases like COVID-19 and influenza are transmitted by aerosols. Aerosols are visible on a cold day as the foggy vapor you exhale. Aerosols containing coronavirus float in a room’s air like smoke for hours.

The cheapest way to remove aerosols from a room is to ventilate it with fresh outside air.

Filtration is also very effective, either by putting an N95+ mask between you and the world, or using HEPA or MERV13+ air filters sized for your indoor space.

We believe the wave of the future is using Far UVC 222 nanometer light to kill airborne diseases before they can harm you.

CO2 as an indicator

CO2 is a good proxy for the aerosols which can transmit COVID-19. By measuring the concentration of CO2 in the air around you, you can quantify the relative risk of transmission and take action to protect yourself.

Airhounds is developing personal wireless CO2 monitors for use with our Airborne Disease Estimator app.

Far UVC Light as a solution

Far UVC light at a wavelength of 222 nanometers inactivates airborne viruses quickly and safely. It works by disrupting microbial DNA and RNA, but this form of light cannot penetrate your skin or tear layer.

Interested in purchasing a Phaser Far UVC personal health air sterilizer? Airhounds has components in house for 20 early adopters. Sign up to get on our build list, and we’ll be in touch with the deets.

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